• You're in the Driving Seat

You're in the Driving Seat

 Driving seat

Endless phone calls with ‘unique opportunities’ result in wasted time talking to recruiters that present you with career opportunities that don’t match your skills of professional preferences.

Sound familiar?

On TOPJOB Network, you’re in full control of your online visibility and privacy:


  • You decide for which client you want to work by selecting your preferred companies on your profile
  • On your profile, you are able to highlight your skills, previous experience & projects, but you decide the amount of information you show (full view – blind view – base view)
  • We provide the match only if your skills match a job description and if you’ve allowed us to contact you for this specific client
  • Once confirmed, you will be added to a target list for the client to see
  • The client contacts you directly for the job through TOPJOB Network
  • You can focus on getting the job done!

So let's go, get in the driving seat and start boosting your career with Topjob.Network!